Saturday, 29 January 2011

Felani (Bangladesh) Hang on the border by Aggressive Indian BSF

Water. Water.. Water... But nobody help 15 years old Bangladeshi girl Felani because afraid of the Indian Aggressive border Security  Force (BSF). The innocent girl Not a single time thought that her body hanging Indian border by BSF. Felani father Nurul miah arranged her marry in Bangladesh she  work in Delhi. 7th January 2011 Friday 6am when she return home to complete her marry but Indian BSF break all her dreams when they cross barbed wire boundary between Bangladesh & Indian border (location: International Border No. 947, between 3 and 4s pillar of Anantapur, Fulbari) with her father. That morning first time her father crossed and next time when Felani cross the border her clothes got entangled in the wire. At this moment the BSF members started shooting Felani body oh Good/Allah/ Vhogoban you are one bye we are human by created you. I think United nation not see anything because all members are Human.